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USDOT# 125465
Motor Carrier# 126091


About Fraley and Schilling
Since 1955, Jack Fraley and Earl Schilling have built a trucking company that has seen many milestones throughout the years. These milestones were made possible because of their commitment to success and dedication to our core values.

--- Safety - Family - Integrity - Service - Environment---

Safety - We understand that the safety of our team and the motoring public is paramount. This is why we are constantly focused on improving our intense Driver Training Program, updating our equipment, and continuously developing our continual training process.

Family - A belief in family is of fundamental importance. This is demonstrated by our consistent goal of getting our drivers home on a consistent basis and providing great benefits to our company’s families.

Integrity - The integrity of F&S is witnessed by our reputation of being an honest team that believes in fairness, firmness, and consistency with our team-members. Our commitment to integrity is shown by our constant responsibility of adhering to the rapidly changing rules and regulations of our industry and customers.

Service - At F&S, we understand that excellent customer service is imperative. Having been open since 1955, our history gives testament to our constant commitment and dedication to our outstanding customer service.

Environment - Carrying out our business and daily tasks in an environmentally friendly way is a commitment that our team does not take lightly. We are constantly putting in place new ways to meet our customers’ needs while being as environmentally friendly as possible. One example of this is shown by our lightweight equipment that allows us to deliver more freight with less trucks.

Fraley and Schilling, Inc.
Fraley and Schilling, Inc. is an asset based transportation company located in Rushville, IN. Together with affiliated companies, Universal Trade Solutions, and F&S Logistics, they employ approximately 600 transportation and warehousing professionals across the country and are still growing.

F & S Logistics
F & S Logistics, Inc. is a logistics management service provider affiliated with Fraley and Schilling, Inc., also based in Rushville, IN.  FSL uses a carrier base that has been established over the past 15 years to create solutions for our customers where Fraley and Schilling assets are not available. 

Universal Trade Solutions
UTS is a public warehouse with locations in Maryland and South Carolina.  UTS specializes in the transloading, storage, packaging, and transportation of heavy products.  UTS handles over 5,000 containers each year, both imports and exports.  UTS is serviced by the Norfolk Southern railway and offers rail transload service.  For more information on Universal Trade Solutions’ capabilities and contacts, please visit their website at